ZuriZone Marketplace is a digital products marketplace that connects buyers and sellers on a proprietary and centralized platform.

The online hub allows users to upload and sell downloadable digital items like house plans, ebooks, site templates, wordpress themes, php scripts, plugins, and digital assets for web and app development – all automatically delivered to the end user in either .pdf or .zip files.

The idea behind the digital products marketplace is to offer two profile options, one for buyers (customer account) and one for sellers (vendor account). The multivendor platform lets creatives, architects, authors, web designers, and app developers to monetize their digital products on the marketplace and earn a living online.

How it works for Buyers

  1. A buyer arrives on zurizone.com website and identifies a product to purchase 
  2. The customer goes ahead and places an order for the item that he/she is interested in
  3. The purchased Products is instantly and automatically availed in the customer’s account 
  4. Finally, the buyer can download the purchased product from his/her account 

How it works for Sellers 

  1. A customer purchases a vendor’s product listed on zurizone.com
  2. The sale is automatically reflected in the vendor’s account under the ‘earnings tab’ 
  3. ZuriZone Marketplace takes a 20% commission while the Vendor earns 80% of the sale
  4. The seller can then request to withdraw the earnings as per the schedule agreed upon in the Vendor Terms